This service is an excellent treatment for anyone. It's Al's unique blend of East meets West bodywork. He utilizes multidisciplinary techniques such as Ashiatsu, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger and Pressure Points, Myofacial and Positional Release, TuiNa and Acupressure Points, Ashi Thai, Shiatsu, Yoga Stretches and Adjustments, Dynamic Cupping, and Swedish massage.


Each session is individually tailored. Al begins with an application of warmed oil, followed by gliding massage strokes executed with heated stones. Once the muscles have been warmed up and the body has completely relaxed, Al blends the best of many techniques in his flow, utilizing as much or as little pressure as the client prefers. The rest is a measurable renewed bounce, increased range of motion, flexibility, energy, and decrease aches and pains, improve posture, movement, and overall balance.

60 min - $85 | 75 min – $95 | 90 min – $105 | 105 min - $115 |  120 min - $135

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