Dynamic Cupping

Dynamic Cupping add-on treatment can be tailored to target specific areas of concern.  With every stroke you will feel yourself melt into the table with relaxation and rejuvenation, taking away the stresses on your mind and body.  Dynamic Cupping can be geared to the athlete or anyone looking for some pain relief along with relaxation.

Some known benefits of Cupping includes:

lifting, draining and smoothing, drains intermediate lymph,

loosens adhesions in connective tissue that cause shortening of muscles and restrictions in joint range of motion, 

releases deep muscle issues, relieves inflammation

stimulates blood flow to bring oxygenation back to the tissue to lengthen it and stimulate organ efficiency, and breaks up scar tissue from healed injuries

Dynamic Cupping is not recommended for pregnant women.  Although, light suction and release may be done all over as well as target areas of suction and release to aid in the reduction of swelling.  Other contraindications include: working lightly around varicose veins, lesions, bulging disks and other acute injuries.