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We are Madison's Gravity Bodywork Central

Experience Barefoot Hands difference. We are humbled to be the first to introduced Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy in Madison, the most unique, luxurious, and deepest massage on earth.

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Explore treatments
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Energize the body, sharpen the mind, and find your balance

Welcome to your unique tranquil and meditative self-care and healing destination. BAREFOOT HANDS provides professional and therapeutic massage and bodywork services. We are Madison’s Gravity Bodywork Central with specialty in Ashiatsu-Deep Bar Therapy, Sarga Bodywork, Ashi Thai, Shoshin Shiatsu Thai Fusion, and more.

We are home for everything gravity bodywork-inspired approach to healing. We host and offer continuing education training for Licensed Massage Therapists and Bodywork Practitioners searching for unique innovative cutting-edge techniques that will reinvent and prolonged their practice..

About al

​When I found Ashiatsu-Deepfeet Bar Therapy, I had no idea how it would contribute to my practice today. What started as an exploration of unique massage modalities, Ashiatsu-Deepfeet Bar Therapy became the gateway to discovering my deeper calling in bodywork.

​Integrating Ashiatsu-Deepfeet Bar Therapy Bodywork with all other massage techniques I am trained to provide, gave birth to Gravity Bodywork+, my signature expression of East meets West approach on healing. ​

We can define bodywork in many ways. To me bodywork is recognizing that healing and BECOMING BALANCED comes through addressing the whole self, honoring the connection between body, mind, and spirit.

From the outside, my practice may appear purely physical, an artful flow with gravity; but this is how I connect with my clients. It's my way of holding the space for them for a moment to be still and find healing within.

I am Al Poliarco, Gravity Bodywork Practitioner.

European Massage Championship 2024, Rome, Italy

1st Wisconsin Massage Championship 2023
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Meet our

Meet our collective team of healing warriors, ready to harness the Force to heal and make you feel good.

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our studio

Welcome to serenity and healing. Barefoot Hands studio is a spacious tranquil and meditative destination that is beautiful in its simplicity.

It’s your space to reconnect within.

Explore our Studio in 3D!
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training & Events

Transcend your skills and techniques to a new level of practice. We offer professional bodywork training for Licensed Massage Therapists and Bodywork Practitioners.

Also come join us for our many events, gatherings and Yoga classes. All are welcome!

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Welcome to serenity and healing. Barefoot Hands studio is a spacious tranquil and meditative destination that is beautiful in its simplicity.

It’s your space to reconnect within.


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you HEAl

Prepare to be pampered and experience the most unique, healing and rejuvenating massage on earth.

And oh, your 60-minute massage means 60 minutes on the table! We will allow thirty minutes in between each massage session for a thorough cleaning and sanitation of your treatment room.

Please visit our COURTESIES page to learn more about our policies.

General Inquiries


General Inquiries


General Inquiries


General Inquiries


General Inquiries
kind words from our clients

I would give 20 stars if I could - 10 for Al's professionalism and techniques, another 10 for the beautiful ambiance. I felt like I was in a sacred, personal space, like Mr. Miyagi's dojo. I have been getting deep tissue massage for over 15 yrs due to injury. It is more has been "functional" than restorative. I had my first massage with Al today and It was transformative! The range of motion, flexibility I had recovered in one session was astounding. It felt like he was intuitive to what my body needed. I have already booked my 2nd visit for this week.

jody pilgRim

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality. Al's energy is so calm, relaxed, and respectful. Honoring your time with a quick connection before your session, Al asks how he can be of the most assistance to you. He listens to the body in a way that you always feel comfortable and safe. This was only my first session with Al and I felt as though I was at home the entire time. He's beyond welcoming and honors your time and energy at the highest level. Thank you infinitely, Al. You've truly created a space of ultimate peace and respite


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